Thursday, May 15, 2014

Who Does? Wendy Montague.

"I love to do custom creations for people. Making that special little something that makes a person's eyes light up. That's what I live for."

~Wendy Montague


Who Do Artist Profile
Name: Wendy Montague
Company: Wendy Montague Designs

Wendy is not only a superb human being, she also happens to be a fundamental part of the family here at Who Do. She designs and creates all sorts of art for the collective including album covers, posters, web art, photography, logos, and more. Recently she even made some "Invisible Cartoons" dolls!

"Wendy Montague Designs" does a wide variety of work including illustrating children's books, fashioning jewelry, and sewing stuffed animals. Here's a sampling of some of her art:

We asked Wendy to write a little bit about her art, her background, and her influences. Here's what she had to say:

 "I've been creating art for as long as I can remember. As soon as I picked up a crayon... I was hooked. I drew everything I could, but people still remain my favorite subject. I love the human form and it's ever-changing expressions. I would go out and sit and just watch people. How they would interact with one another and how they acted while alone. People are fascinating creatures."

"When I got to high school and college I started to branch out into other forms of art. Now besides drawing I paint, make sculptures, jewelry, photography, mixed media, digital art, ceramics, woodworking...basically anything I can get my hands on. All the stresses in my life seem to melt away when I'm creating. I don't worry about all the little tugs of the day. It's almost like having a protective bubble where my imagination is allowed to flow freely without anything getting in it's way."

To see more of Wendy's art please visit:
Wendy Montague Designs
Aura Moon Jewelry
RAW artist profile

And of course, don't forget to swing by
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