Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Who do? We do.


Welcome to the Who Do Collective blog! Here you'll find news, info, and updates about the projects our members are working on. We'll also provide you with original media content including music videos, short films, songs, short stories, skits, reviews, visual art, and any other fun content we can cook up.

If you’re just tuning in to our group, you may be wondering: What in the world is Who Do?
Thankfully we have a fancy new mission statement to help answer that question:
"The Who Do Collective is dedicated to encouraging, supporting, and uniting artists to work collaboratively on high-quality independent music, video, visual, and literary art. In order to accomplish these goals we will harness the combined creativity and passion of our members, as well as the talent and resources available to us through the collective. In doing so, we are able to share our unique artistic visions, satisfy our desire to create, and spread a love of art in our communities and beyond. Who Do provides independent artists with opportunities to use their skills on shared projects, and works diligently to promote those projects to the world at large."

So what does that mean? Well, we like being creative, collaborating on projects, and sharing what we do with others. We have a mix of artists, musicians, writers, and filmmakers who are all interested in spreading their art, and making a positive impact on the world.

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More coming soon! Thanks for reading.

     Post written by Rachel and Justin